Dynamism at Play: LUA and Casa Albero on Show at LAUFEN space Berlin

Since launching at Salone del Mobile in Milan, LAUFEN’s new bathroom collection LUA has been introduced to cities around the world. Today, its functional beauty can be experienced in person at LAUFEN space Berlin. The pop-up installation features the bathroom ceramics of LUA backdropped by a campaign photographed inside Casa Albero – a monumental brutalist building set in the Italian countryside.

Dynamic in function and poetic in form, LUA demonstrates the power that bathroom furnishings have to elicit sensorial and aesthetic pleasure while still retaining the utmost utility. 

The collection was designed by Toan Nguyen, a French designer renowned for work that considers and prioritises the interaction between object and user. At LAUFEN space Berlin, the exhibition of this collection draws together elements from a number of campaigns, each which celebrates the unique applications and utility of bathroom pieces in different ways.

On view as you enter LAUFEN space Berlin is the LUA campaign from Casa Albero: the renowned – now abandoned – Brutalist treehouse that was built over a period of seven years by a family of architects in a small Italian town. Here, LUA is reinterpreted. The campaign shows the modular structure of the house; its concrete, glass and iron materials complement the precision geometric lines and oval shapes that make up the LUA collection.

Drawing from the formal elements of the campaign, an arrangement of LUA and LANI, a collection of bathroom furniture, on coloured plinths at the front of the space highlight the formal dimensions of the collections. Both have been reduced to the essentials, with clear geometric lines uniting each piece from the range. Nguyen drew on a single, universal shape as the basis for LUA – a complete and flexible range that consists of washstands, washbasin, and bathtubs, alongside a line of taps, cabinets, and storage units.

These can be paired thoughtfully with LANI, a collection of bathroom furniture fit with generous storage space and crafted using lacquered 100% PEFC- and FSC-certified European wood. LANI is available in over 40 colour variants, from the warmth of oak wood to classic whites and greys to vibrant gold, copper and titanium.

The new LUA exposition highlights a design language that is reduced to the essentials through clear, geometric lines that are united in continuous forms. At LAUFEN space Berlin, the true flexibility of the collection is revealed, as visitors are encouraged to pair the bathroom ceramics with pieces from LAUFEN’s extensive portfolio. 

To find more information at laufen.com or on the collection site laufen-lua.com, or join us at LAUFEN space Berlin to experience the collection in person.

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