Design with a Human Touch at LAUFEN space Berlin

A dialogue between designer Peter Wirz and the creative duo Sarah Meyers + Laura Fügmann as the first of a series of events at our LAUFEN space venues.

How do you design success? How do you design relevance? These pivotal questions were the focal point of a dialogue between designer Peter Wirz and the creative duo Sarah Meyers + Laura Fügmann during a presentation of the MEDA Collection at LAUFEN space Berlin on May 16, 2024

The exclusive event was the first of a series at our LAUFEN space venues in Berlin, Prague, Milan and Vienna where our latest bathroom collection, MEDA will be presented by designer Peter Wirz.

Design with a human touch: this is the philosophy of VETICA, the design agency based in Lucerne, Taipei, Hamburg and Hong Kong. The interdisciplinary, international team led by Swiss designer Peter Wirz shape brands and industrial products through both form and function. They view themselves as a think tank, approaching design as an interdisciplinary and holistic process within a much broader context. VETICA and LAUFEN have been working closely together for over 20 years.

The MEDA Collection exemplifies this collaboration. Tasked with designing a bathroom collection that is accessible and appealing to all, Wirz drew on the classic virtues of Swiss design: clarity, functionality, and meticulous attention to detail. The result is a universal collection that feels instantly familiar and approachable.

According to Wirz, achieving such success requires a profound understanding of and alignment with a brand's strategy. This understanding is forged through continuous dialogue, ensuring that every creation is relevant to the customer. Wirz views himself as a catalyst for progress, advocating for designs that are timeless and responsive to user needs. This philosophy often involves a deliberate reduction in colour, contributing to the product's enduring appeal.

In contrast, the Berlin-based studio Meyers + Fügmann bring a vibrant and dynamic approach to design. Their work merges craftsmanship with industrial production, emphasising the natural properties and inherent qualities of their materials. This was exemplified in their installation, SLOW PATTERNS, showcased at LAUFEN space Berlin.

SLOW PATTERNS is a testament to the studio's innovative use of colour, technology, and material. By combining naturally dyed wool with synthetically dyed acrylic yarns, the textiles evolve over time when exposed to sunlight. The natural dyes fade, while the synthetic colours remain stable, gradually revealing intricate patterns. This process, "written by the sun," highlights the interplay between nature and artifice.

The dialogue between Wirz and Meyers + Fügmann highlighted their divergent yet complementary design philosophies. While Wirz prioritizes timeless, unchanging design, Meyers + Fügmann embrace the ever-changing influence of the environment on their creations. This thought-provoking exchange continued over an apéro, enriching the evening with insights and inspiration.

The SLOW PATTERNS installation by Meyers + Fügmann will be on display at LAUFEN space Berlin until the end of August. We invite you to experience this unique exhibition by scheduling a visit at or calling 030 856 077 60.

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