An interdisciplinary journey through art, design, archaeology, and the history of colour in ceramics by Roberto Sironi with the imaginative vision of Studio Lys and Beda Achermann.

At this year's Milan Design Week, LAUFEN presents “Colour Archaeology”, a project by Roberto Sironi. Presented within the LAUFEN space Milano, it shares the culmination of an academic research undertaken by Sironi on behalf of LAUFEN, and conveyed with the imaginative vision of Studio Lys and Beda Achermann.

Renowned for his research-based and process-oriented approach, Sironi delves into the realm of ancient ceramics with meticulous fervor, exploring 8 civilisations in a time span from around 3000 B.C. to 1500 A.D.. Drawing from over 10,000 artifacts curated from global museums, Sironi meticulously categorizes these treasures into vivid colour clusters reflective of their cultural heritage.

From the azure hues of Egypt to the vibrant blues of Mesopotamia, the celadon greens of the Chinese Empire, and the earthy reds reminiscent of the Roman Empire, Sironi's historical journey reveals an unparalleled spectrum of colours that were created chemically or from natural materials.
The culmination of this groundbreaking research takes form in the "Colour Archaeology" exhibition, where visitors are invited to witness the seamless synthesis of historical exploration and contemporary design sensibilities. Sironi expertly distills this kaleidoscope of hues into a refined palette of twelve harmonious tones, intriguingly relevant for today’s design landscape and presented through the visual medium of the Saphirkeramik collection from LAUFEN.


20121 MILANO
The exhibition welcomes visitors until the end of May.