Artistic visualisation of historic culture at LAUFEN Space Milano

A vivid narrative of historical research by Roberto Sironi is brought to life through the imaginative vision of Studio Lys and Beda Achermann.


The installation in the LAUFEN space Milano is divided into two parts to visually narrate the comprehensive research project by Roberto Sironi. In the first part, the exhibition follows an artistic journey communicated through graphics created by Beda Achermann and his studio. 

The internationally renowned art director has been working with LAUFEN for several years, capturing its eclectic character and innovative spirit and applying his approach to the brand, which blends tradition and modernity through an ultra-contemporary language that combines art, photography, architecture and design.

The graphic design by Studio Achermann reworks archive photos of archaeological ceramics with images of industrial production at LAUFEN's production sites in an abstract and contemporary way. By breaking down the images, Achermann offers a reinterpretation of reality through collages that relate the highest expressions of ceramic processing in history with LAUFEN's innovative production technologies.

The graphic design by Studio Achermann is in dialogue with a series of artistic ceramics created by Studio Roberto Sironi, developed through the use of different ancient ceramic techniques applied to contemporary forms.

In the second part of the exhibition, a series of compositions made with some of LAUFEN's iconic pieces in the colours of the new palette are presented, in which the different colours are combined to create evocative and sophisticated environments.

The Colour Archaeology exhibition project realised by Matteo Fiorini - Studio Lys is conceived as a installation which is additionally presented at international locations including Forum, the Laufen Headquarters near Basel and Laufen space Vienna.

Installation curated by Roberto Sironi
Exhibition project by Matteo Fiorini – Studio Lys
Graphic project by Beda Achermann

20121 MILANO
The exhibition welcomes visitors until the end of May.