LAUFENXNM3 – steel heroes

Equally pragmatic and environmentally conscious in its approach, the Milan-based design studio is admired primarily for its purist and cool style.

NM3's work takes an approach that is as pragmatic as it is ecologically conscious. The Milan-based design studio focuses primarily on functionality in its design principles. Its designs have a clearly recognizable and purist formal language. Everyday materials and simple processing techniques are enhanced by a precise formal composition. The office founders are staunch advocates of the principle of low-tech ecology. 

In combination with the LAUFEN ceramic elements, NM3’s pure and mirroring steel objects provide a sculptural and almost abstract presence to both materials in an architectural setting. All objects for LAUFEN are made of recyclable and durable materials and are produced in the Milan area. The modular construction method allows easy processing and at the same time creates endless possibilities of combination. The LAUFEN series designed by NM3 is committed to the durability of design.

HOW DARE YOU - the title of the LAUFEN space collection exhibition symbolizes courage, attitude and openness. An uncompromisingness, even radicalism, which also finds expression in good design again and again. As, for example, in the purist objects of the Milanese office NM3.

LAUFEN’s space collection will be available on request through the LAUFEN spaces in Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, Prague, Miami, Laufen and Milan as well as at selected retailers.

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